News 10NBC 2009 Weather Calendar Submission Guidelines

Thank you for submitting your photos of people enjoying the outdoors in all seasons! We welcome all photographers – both amateur and professional. Your submission constitutes your agreement to allow your photographs to be published in the News 10NBC Weather Calendar and to be used for promotions both on-air and on News Winning photographs will be published on on or about 10/24/08. You may submit up to 12 camera-made digital images uploaded with the highest resolution jpegs, not to exceed a file size of 3 MB. We will accept submissions through October 12, 2008. To view the official rules, click here.

Please include the following information:

First Name:

Last Name:


Address (Line 2):

Daytime Phone:

E-Mail Address:

Title of Photo:

Location of Photo:

Suggested Caption:

File Location:

Click Here to Purchase a WHEC-TV Weather Calendar

Calendars will be sold in all area Wegmans stores and on News for $9.99. $3.00 of the sale of each calendar will go to the YMCA of Greater Rochester to benefit their “Invest in Youth Campaign.” Money raised will be used for financially assisting your neighbors in need of YMCA programs and services.